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11:14pm 03/02/2010
has it really been a year since i wrote on here? i mean its not unusual for me to not write in this for a while. ive been faithful. just uhh hmm . . . distracted. yeah distracted. so much has happend. ive lost my vcard got a tattoo and had a salvia trip just this last weekend. pretty crazy huh. oh well. now im doing the whole local school thing since london was too much money. i havent lost sight of who i am or want to be. its just taking a wobbly path i guess.
im feeling herehere
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03:23pm 27/03/2009
so i just payed for my Y-3 bag on ebay. omg omg omg ill post pics of it later (more like 2weeks cause its comming from tokyo but wth its YOHIIIIII YAMAMOTO FOR ADIDAS!!!!!!).
im feeling ecstaticecstatic
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11:01pm 16/03/2009
so i guess you could say i havent written in this thing for 2 years. and yet i always seem to objectify it. whatever.
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a list of things i wanna do before i die (or turn 45)  
12:27am 22/06/2008

- sing the song " word up" acoustically in front of a group of people
- date one man from each country in europe ( fuck half of them)
- adopt a child
- be three places at once
- partake in an orgie (of sorts it dosent have to be sex)
- fuck a man half my age and a man twice my age in the same day
- fly in a hot air ballon
- be on the Sartorialist
- be on Face Hunter (on an ocassional basis) and have a cheap lunch with Ivan sometime (just for kicks)
- name a child that is not my own
- be kissed by someone I wanna kiss on new years
- save someones life ( not on a suicidal basis cause ive been told ive done that already)
- i wanna google myself on goggle images and find a substantial amount of accurate pictures of me
- write a novel ( preferably fiction )
- finish this list

im feeling contemplativecontemplative
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anything you can do i can do better by myself  
07:28pm 05/06/2008

boys fuckin suck
i hooked up with this guy andrew and he sucks ass both literally and figuratively. (hehe)
but he dosent have a sense of humor so i guess im gonna save this banana flavored condom for london.
aaahhhh welll
oh nik?
whatever. hes with some girl. high school crushes will be high school crushes i guess. 
i think ill go do my hair now. 
theres nothing like new hair and gladiator sandals to refresh a girl.

im feeling happyhappy
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